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Book Information: Title:  Julia’s Banjo
Authors:  Rob Fennah & Helen A Jones
Formats: Kindle; Epub; Paperback; Hardback
Publication Date: October 2012

John Lennon’s missing banjo – now worth millions to whoever finds it.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles on October 5th, it’s hard to believe the instrument that made it all possible has been missing for over half a century. Once owned by Julia Lennon, the item in question is a banjo and it was the very first instrument her son John learned to play.

Co-author Helen A Jones and I have recorded an interview with a local TV station which you might like to feature on your site. We talk about the history of the banjo and how it inspired the book etc. Fans should enjoy it.

the paperback edition of Julia's Banjo is out very soon (within days)

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Think about that for a moment; without it, there wouldn’t have been a Beatles and, without them, everything we know today would be different. 

The banjo disappeared shortly after Julia was killed in a car accident in 1958 and, although John talked about it right up to his death in 1980, he never actually said what became of it. Many believe the priceless instrument is still out there somewhere just waiting to be found. If it was discovered, one thing is certain; the lucky finder would pocket millions! 

So, where do you start looking for the Holy Grail of pop memorabilia? Well that’s what this is all about. An exciting new novel entitled Julia’s Banjo answers that question, taking the reader on a fascinating quest through Beatledom to find the catalyst that changed the world. The story crosses over beautifully from fact to fiction and back again to tease and tantalise the reader into believing every line is true. 

The intrigue and mystery surrounding Lennon’s missing banjo, and the logic it could be sitting in somebody’s attic right now, has the potential to make headlines around the globe.