Beatles International
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On Saturday and Sunday 27-28 May Beatles International will be at the well-known BEATLES WEEKEND,
organised by our friends at the BEATLES MUSEUM in Halle (Saale). In Germany near Leipzig.
This great annual Pentecost meeting with Beatles fans is back after 2 years of Covid regulations.
Beatles fans know this is the best Beatles Museum in the world, having 4 floors of Beatles memorabelia.
Open 6 days every week: Tuesday-Sundays 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
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Halle is a friendly city in the heart of what we used to call Eastern Germany
Birthplace of the famous classic composer GEORG FRIEDRICH HÄNDEL.
And if you come to Halle during the well-known Beatles Weekend you can also enjoy the HÄNDEL FESTSPIELE,
mostly held in the same weekend (Whitsun). And of course there is the Händel House to visit.
Get a great view over the city, when you climb the church towers in the centre and walk across the bridge. Halle Market