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BEATLES INTERNATIONAL offers a 1-day-private-car-tour for you to discover The BEATLES' Netherlands. 


Beatles van taken off the boat in Hook of Holland

-" I have travelled all over the world to sites related to The Beatles - Guus' Holland tour was as good as any I have been on with the highlight having our photograph taken at Oosterbeek Cemetery!" - Paul Sherlock

-" We had a wonderful and unforgettable day touring the many Beatle sites in Holland with our very knowledgeable guide!" - Brian Donofree

-'The trip was a wonderful experience with a personal touch. Guus is a very knowledgeable Beatles guide' - Tim Davies

check out the story of Olaf, Heiko and Ulrike from Germany (in German and in English) from their tour on Monday July 30th 2012

also see footage of their visit in 1964

Our 'value-for-money' offer includes:
Guus of BEATLES INTERNATIONAL will pick you up personally from your hotel at 9 a.m. and be your guide for the day.

First of all there are several Beatles sites outside Amsterdam. And some other interesting places.
Of course this will be YOUR value-for-money trip. YOU will be able to tell me where you want to go.

We'll start at 9 a.m. to go to BLOKKER, where the Beatles performed twice in an auction hall in 1964. 
There's a monument with the complete setlist of no less than ...... 8 songs! 
If we're lucky the owner is there and we can have a look inside the dressing rooms they used.
(Optional: On our way we pass the famous tourist orientated fisherman's village of Volendam, where people still walk in original traditional Dutch clothes, wooden shoes and there are lots of Dutch souvenirs for sale. If you like, you can also taste delicious fish, like eal or herring.
If you choose to visit Volendam the tasting of fish and refreshments are on behalf of BEATLES INTERNATIONAL.)

Then we'll travel from Blokker to the other side of the country, to ARNHEM and OOSTERBEEK. It's a 2 - hour drive Mouth_organduring which you can enjoy a lot of our flat country and we'll take time for lunch (not included in price).  
(maybe you can take a prepared lunch package from your hotel if you like).

(Optional: near the city of Deventer is the "Bridge Too Far" which was used in the famous motion picture.) 

In Arnhem we will visit the original music shop Bergmann where the boys looked around and where, on their way out, John took a mouth organ. The shop has been closed though, after 99 years, so we won't be able to visit the inside anymore.

(Optional: we can see the original "Bridge Too Far" there) 

1960_orThen in Oosterbeek, just outside of Arnhem, is the cemetery where The Beatles stopped in August 1960 and which became famous because of the photograph taken there.

Visiting all these sites will take up most of the day so there won't be much time left.

(Optional:) If there is time left we can drive to Hoek van Holland, where in 1960 the Beatles landed on Dutch soil and where the picture was taken of the bus being taken off the boat before making their way to Hamburg. Another option could be the city of Hillegom, where the boys performed in the building 'Treslong' for Dutch TV. But let me warn you in advance: .... the building doesn't exist anymore.

Finally we might travel to Schiphol Oost, the airport where The Beatles arrived in 1964. The old control tower is still there.Schiphol_O

Of course Guus will drive you back to your hotel after the trip, which will take the whole day, that's for sure. Like mentioned before: a value-for-money trip. Could take up to 12 hours!



Here's the report of the tour on 30 July 2012, with Olaf, Heiko and Ulrike from Germany:

If you come to the Netherlands as a Beatles fan you should stay in Amsterdam, just to visit all the Beatles-related sights there. You can easily do this by foot: Doelen-Hotel, red-light district, Rembrandtplein, canal cruise, Hilton-Hotel.

To visit all the other Beatles-related sights outside Amsterdam you should choose Guus Kok as your guide, because he has a fantastic tour to offer; Ulrike, Heiko and myself (Olaf) were on tour with him on Monday, July 30, 2012. He came to our hotel in the morning, conveniently drove us to all the Beatles sights and brought us back to the hotel in the evening.

An inbetween we've been to Volendam (the Beatles were presented with hats of these famous traditional clothes at the airport in 1964), Blokker (2 concerts in 1964), Arnhem (John stole a mouth organ there in 1960), Oosterbeek (the famous photo on the war cemetery 1960), Hook of Holland (the Beatles' ferry landed there in 1960), Hillegom (a TV appearance in 1964 was filmed here at the Treslong Café; the building has been demolished in 2005), Schiphol East (the old control tower from 1964 still exists).

Guus is an excellent Beatles-expert, a funny story-teller, and has much patience, even with those fans, who want to take photos of every sight from unconventional perspectives. He offers what the fans wish to see, he manages to go inside some of the buildings (dressing-room in Blokker, where the Beatles slept on the floor inbetween their 2 concerts, music shop Bergmann, where you can buy limited edition mouth organs now).

While driving from one sight to the next, you can listen to the Beatles' music, there are enough breaks (for lunch, toilet) - and while visiting the sights there is really enough time for you to mentally re-enter the time and space of 1960/1964.

So, all in all, dear Guus, it was THE perfect Beatles-Day - thank you very much - en tot ziens!

Blokker_Veilinghal         Blokker_Veilinghal_ingang

Wer als Beatles-Fan nach Holland kommt, sollte zunächst möglichst in Amsterdam wohnen, um dort alle nahegelegenen Beatles-Stätten zu Fuß zu erlaufen: Doelen-Hotel, Rotlichtviertel, Rembrandtplein, Grachtenrundfahrt, Hilton-Hotel.

Für alle außerhalb von Amsterdam gelegenen Beatles-Standorte empfehle ich die hervorragend ausgearbeitete Tour von Guus Kok, die Heiko, Ulrike und ich (Olaf) am 30.07.2012 gemacht haben: Guus holt Euch morgens vom Hotel ab, fährt Euch entspannt zu allen Standorten und bringt Euch abends wieder zurück zum Hotel.

Und dazwischen liegen Besuche in Volendam (die dortigen Trachten-Hüte bekamen die Beatles 1964 am Flughafen aufgesetzt), Blokker (2 Konzerte 1964), Arnheim (Johns Mundharmonika-Diebstahl 1960), Ooosterbeek (berühmtes Foto auf dem Soldatenfriedhof 1960), Hoek van Holland (Ankunft der Beatles mit der Fähre 1960), Hillegom (Fernsehaufzeichnung 1964 im leider abgerissenen Café Treslong), Schiphol Oost (altes Tower-Gebäude von 1964).

Guus ist ein ausgezeichneter Beatles-Kenner und lustiger Erzähler, er hat jede Menge Geduld mit dem Fan, der auch noch die letzten Geheimnisse eines Standortes aus ungewöhnlicher Perspektive fotografieren will, er stellt sich auf die Wünsche der Fans ein und führt sogar in die Gebäude hinein (Umkleide in Blokker, wo die Beatles zwischen ihren Auftritten auf dem Fußboden geschlafen haben, Musikalien-Laden Bergmann, wo es jetzt limitierte Mundharmonikas zu kaufen gibt).

Im Auto gibt es Beatles-Musik nach Wahl, zwischendurch genügend Pausen (Essen, WC), und an den Standorten reichlich Zeit, um sich in den Raum und die Zeit einzufühlen.

Alles in allem, lieber Guus, war es DER perfekte Beatles-Tag - herzlichen Dank - en tot ziens!