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Vegas 1 2006 2016

Vegas 2 2016

  Left: LOVE logo 2006
  Right: New logo 2016
  and a renewed show.

  From Febr.14 until
  Febr.18 2018 
  BI visited Las Vegas
  with only one goal: 
  to see the musical
  LOVE in the Mirage.
Well we did. Twice! And it's the best show we’ve ever seen. So very impressive, with the best sound system in the world. To hear The original Beatles through 6400 speakers in surround stereo is an experience you will never forget. Here are some pictures!
Vegas 3 lobby Vegas 4 Vegas 5 in the hotel lobby it's already clear we're in the right place, the view from our room confirms this even more
Vegas 6 Vegas 7 Vegas 8 in the middle of the casino, there's the LOVE Theatre with an official Beatles Shop and lots of souvenirs
Vegas 9 Vegas10 Vegas11 all kinds of things for fans to remember you've been there, from keyrings to glasses, umbrellas and t-shirts
Vegas13 Vegas14 Vegas15 Vegas12 the magnificent entrance to the theatre with its wonderful lobby, and yes, tickets ready for the show
Vegas16 Vegas17 first show in section 303, top of the theatre; panoramic view. 2nd show section 104, near the stage, up close
Vegas18 Vegas19 Vegas22 the 'Help!' sequence, seen from 303 and 104; we also took the free Technical Tour in between shows
Vegas20 Vegas21 first magical moment, 'within you, without you/tomorrow never knows' from above and under the sheet
Vegas26 Vegas25 Vegas27 also magical: 'octopus's garden', the studio conversations and 'here comes the sun'
Vegas23 Vegas28 Vegas24 the famous 'abbey road beetle', the finale is 'sgt pepper II' and 'all you need is love', and programme book
Vegas29 Vegas30 and 2 happy BI members who witnessed the best show they've ever seen