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Today, Thursday 25 July, Paul was back in Liverpool for the annual graduation of LIPA students. Read the story and see the pics here:

Rolling Stone recently had an interview with Paul about his Out There tour, the fun he's having playing live, selecting songs for the set, and... retiring. No... not yet, he loves it too much playing live. Or as he says himself: '...I did that show last night, and I'm thinking, "Jesus, God, man. You know, you're not 25." But then, my other side of my head's going, "Yes, you are! Get on with it!" Read the interview here:


Here's the trailer for the forthcoming DVD Going Underground: Paul McCartney, the Beatles, and the UK Counter-Culture. The DVD is due out on 1 October

Paul Sherlock 2013 Blue Badge close
If you are planning to go to Liverpool of course you will do the official Magical Mystery Tour by bus to see all kinds of venues in the city. But if you want to look a little further you'll need a personal guide to show you things you won't get to see when taking the bus, well then there's PAUL SHERLOCK, your official graduated BLUE BADGE Beatles guide. For details go to our 'LIVERPOOL' /Tours section.

2013-06-14 Pete Best in LimaPhoto: Pete Best receives the "Distinguished Visitor" decoration in the district of San Miguel, Lima, Peru, 14 June 2013.

Lima, Jun 15.- Pete Best, was declared an "illustrious visitor" by the mayor of the Lima district of San Miguel, Salvador Heresi, who is a huge Beatles fan.

Best arrived in the Peruvian capital to give a concert on Sunday in honor of his ex-musical group called "A Day in the Life," together with Peruvian musicians and singers who are fans of The Beatles.

The mayor of San Miguel invited Best to visit the park and monument dedicated to John Lennon, and Pete then sang several of the group's songs accompanied by other Peruvian musicians.

In a statement on Peru's RPP radio, the drummer said he had "no fear" of playing with the surviving members of the band - Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr - though he doubted that such a session would ever happen.

Best said he would have liked to play with them on "The White Album" because he considers it to be the most varied of all their records.

The musician said he finally got even with Ringo Starr by getting to Peru before him.

Ringo is scheduled to do a concert in Lima next November.

100 life tips by Beatles-1100 life tips by Beatles-2

Forty-five years after it was written, Octopus's Garden is to be turned into a children's book. Ringo has given permission for the song to be published as a picture book by Simon & Schuster. The hardback picture book, including a CD featuring an unheard track by Ringo, will be published in Europe on 24 October and in North America in January 2014.

Some nice pictures of The Cavern's entrance during the Beatles' days and where it is situated nowadays.CavernCavern 2Cavern 3

Out Of Sight, a new song by Paul, in collaboration with The Bloody Beetroots and producer Youth

2013-05-25 Graceland

2013-05-25 Elvis guitar

  1. Not necessary to use up all your vacation to go on a pilgrimage when you're Paul McCartney. You just say you want to do a show in Memphis, and in your spare time you take up the opportunity to visit Graceland since you were never there when the King was still alive. Here you can see Paul visiting Elvis's grave and holding his acoustic guitar!


‘It all boils down to this.
They were four war babies from Liverpool who really did change the world,
and whose music and impact still lives on in so many ways, after all these years.
I say, let’s scrub what we know, or think we know, and start over:
Who really were these people, and how did it all happen?'