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With Peace and Love from The Beatles Suite in The Edgewater Hotel in Seattle 
By: Opher Segal

I was rooming recently in The Beatles Suite, how sweet, shadows, memorabilia of the past are lingering on the wooden mast library and walls. The Sun is setting down, another day is gone!

As time has flown by with some frowns it is now bygone.
However, the Beatles will never shall be done for it is only the dawn!
The fawn and numerous others will carry the The Fab Four magic on and on.

The Fab Four took the World as well as Seattle by a storm defying all norms.
We will always bask in their music like doves, hopefully with the one's we treasure and love.
With the people we brace to embrace never replace.

To be here is so inspirational food for the soul, as they presented us then, 1964, with the gift of Rubber Soul.
Words that were composed and sung at time seemed to be sometime out of context or relation
However, the pure elation, as the lyrics did have meaning and aim for we are so lame.
They knew the 'embedded meaning' as we were and are learning, earning.
We will always quest and attempt to comprehend what is right at hand!

Their words are clear, all we need is to listen as well as hear!
For the content is all to clear to those who see through the sheer!

The more I listen to The Fab Four's music, rhythm and rhymes it is so sublime.
Part of us all a path to our soul that is the goal and there is so much more!

Generations come and gone as The Beatles music will go on and on!
It is a miracle beyond compare, listen, hear their words again as those will change your world!

It is music that brings us all together no matter what is the political weather!
Transcending time and space even if you don’t know to knit your shoelace, we all must embrace for the sake of the race, that of the human race!
Peace and love is verbiage, part of message so carry on their courage!

We must carry on for even the fawn has grown as the world again is at the cross roads!
So many years and decades have past, however, their music and messages still catches.
Those are a blast for they are not really from the past.
No matter how fast time passes by the Fab Four's music will never rust! Never go bust!
It will always be a must, for our being is never on a sling!

Against all odds the Fab Four's music overcame as they are here to stay, it's no play, just a ray of constant light as it may.

All these words came from my inner soul while staying at The Edgewater Hotel. As I walked through lobby nonchalantly, I heard a familiar voice that of an unmistakably a Harrison. I was stunned and looked back. It was a Harrison indeed and there was Dahni Harrison, son of the late great George's son talking to Ben Harper. Dhani looks and sounds just like his dad it's so eerie and what are the odds?
I thought how fitting and symbolic!

As the following infamous words, with my own brand of twist came to mind: "Some have gone and some remain, past and present, future blending, melting across the Universe."
From me to you with love and peace from all those years ago, we will never let go!