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By Peter Paetzold

Hamburg 17 August 2010. Exactly 50 years ago this day the Beatles first appeared live on stage of the former strip club "Indra". In those days the Indra was a seedy club accommodating about 200 people off the beaten track of Hamburg’s red light district, not far from the Grosse Freiheit. Bruno Koschmider took over this club to launch a Rock 'n' Roll club similar to his Kaiserkeller. The project failed after only few weeks and the Beatles moved into the Kaiserkeller on 4 October 1960.


The Wyvern Club was situated in Seel Street, Liverpool and later became known as The Blue Angel, a club run by Allan Williams. As the Wyvern Club, it was the venue back on 10 May 1960 for the Silver Beatles to audition for Larry Parnes, as he was looking for a band to back Liverpool’s own answer to Elvis, Bill Fury. Fury, born Ronald Wycherley, was from the Dingle, and has attended St. Silas School with Richard Starkey – later Ringo Starr of course. Fury is probably one of the most under-rated artists in British pop music and had a huge following in Britain.