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Starting in 2013, BEATLES INTERNATIONAL have put together a unique tour of rare Beatles sites. 
With a maximum of 2 passengers per day, we will drive you around Liverpool and the Wirral and show you where The Beatles grew up and played before they became ‘the FAB 4’. 
Guus and Gabriëlla will be your driver and tourguide for the days. And we'll start from the Marriott Hotel lobby in City Centre.

Both days are full day trips (10 a.m. to 5 or 6 p.m.) which take you to places you probably won't even have heard of before!
Because we can only take 2 passengers in the car, make sure to book NOW. First come, first serve.

(In German)
"Kommen Sie Ende August zur "Beatles Convention" nach Liverpool?

Haben Sie Zeit und Lust, um dort eine schöne Tour der besonderen Art zu machen
- eine Tour, die etwas Anderes ist als eine normale Tour?
Wollen Sie zum Beispiel wissen, was die Bilder hier unten mit den Beatles zu tun haben?
Dann ist unsere "Beatles International Tour" vielleicht genau das Richtige für Sie!
Wir sprechen Deutsch, Englisch oder Niederländisch.
Die Tour dauert den ganzen Tag.
Wir fahren Sie bequem mit unserem eigenen Auto durch Liverpool und die Vororte,
und Sie werden viele interessante Sachen rund um die Beatles sehen.
Wir haben noch Plätze für Sie frei!
enn Sie überzeugt sind, senden Sie einfach eine Email an:
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Dates for 2022: Monday 29th+Tuesday August 30th 

To make you real curious about what's going to happen we'll tell you (only) some of the places where we'll go.

Day 1 takes you to ‘The Other side Of The Mersey and places like Walllasey, Heswall, Birkenhead and more. 
We’ll visit ± 20 rare Beatles sites during this day. This is a trip you really don't want to miss. You get to see:

Liverpool Tour day 1: the other side of the Mersey 

1-02 TourThe Grosvenor Ballroom 1-18 Tour
The McCartney's FIRST home  just after Paul was born
Site of the Tower Ballroom   
Rembrandt  The house that Paul bought for his father
Hulme Hall  (1st gig+Ringo+1st radio interview) 
The Majestic Ballroom in Birkenhead 
and a lot more early Beatles venues

Day 2 contains all kinds of (± 30) rare sites in the suburbs, but, as mentioned before, we will go and visit places the other tours don’t.
Also from 10 a.m. until ± 5 p.m. What you will get to see? Just take a look:

Liverpool Tour day 2: the suburbs

2-07 TourThe Pavilion Theatre (The Pivvy)2-12a Tour
Cynthia Lennon's flat when she was "dating" John.
Sutcliffe family homes
John's home with his mum Julia and her parents
Quarry Bank High School
Julia Lennon's home where she lived with John Dykins
and baby Julia and where John often went.
St Peter's Church Hall  where Paul & John met
Woolton Baths
  where John & Paul learned to swim
Homes of The Quarry Men 
Rory Storm's home 'Stormsville' and of course2-12 Tour
itherlandTown Hall  where Beatles played 20 times
Lathom Hall  where Stuart got beaten up

And lots more.
Just send us an Email if you are interested.
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See you there

1. The first Beatles Liverpool tour guide iPhone AppA new and interesting gadget is an iPhone app developed by a company called Clay Interactive Ltd. 'The Unofficial Beatles' Liverpool' is a complete guide featuring more than 60 Beatle locations. 'The Unofficial Beatles’ Liverpool' is the second in a series of pop location iPhone® Apps and was written by former Guinness Book of British Hit Singles Editor David Roberts and Beatles tour expert Colin Unwin. The app is now available for download at iTunes App store

Would you like a privately guided city centre walking tour seeing sites such as: The Cavern Club, Liverpool Town Hall, former site of Brian Epstein's record shop NEMS, The Jacaranda club (where the Beatles left for Hamburg in August 1960), The Blue Angel Club, the Liverpool Cathedrals, John Lennon's Art College, Paul McCartney's & George Harrison's school The Liverpool Institute, Oxford Street Maternity Hospital: Birthplace of John Lennon, 4 Rodney Street: Birthplace of Brian Epstein, the Registry Office at Mount Pleasant where John married Cynthia Powell..... and many many more places of interest for fans of the Beatles?