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2019 07 13 4

SIR JAMES PAUL McCartney:  FRESHEN UP! in Los Angeles
By: Opher Segal
The very last performance by Paul McCartney's recent concert tour, entitled "Freshen Up", was held appropriately at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles in front of sellout crowd of over fifty thousand adoring fans. Some of you might remember that The Beatles held their last concert in the City of Angels in August 1966Paul did appear with his current band at Dodgers Stadium about five years ago.
2019 07 13 6Some of Hollywood finest, and many notables attended this incredible love fest in which Paul and his band rocked the crowd for well over three hours. Life is all about ages, and stages, and as such, Paul, is like very fine wine!  His amazing demeanor of everlasting youthfulness and unending energy mesmerized and captivated the capacity crowd.   
The songs chosen were aneclectic combination from the distant past to his current album. With a tune from the early days of The Quarrymen's, first cut, "In Spite of All the Danger", as well as atribute to both of his late Fab Four brothers, John and George with the songs "If You Were Here Today", and "For the Benefit of Mr. Kite" for John, and "Something" for George respectfully. Paul also paid a very worthy tribute to the legendary late great Sir George Martin, the "5th Beatle". Paul and his longtime band belted out about forty chronologically hit tunes from the Beatles, to Wings, to his new album "Egypt Station". 2019 07 13 1

Towards the end of the show, Paul declared, " We have a surprise for us,a surprise for you, a surprise for everyone,... Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Ringo Starr." The two embraced as Paul shouted to Ringo, "I love you man!" Ringo gave his eternal peace V sign and addressed the elated crowd saying "Peace and love!"  As Ringo proceeded to the drums, Paul turned to the audience referring to Ringo as "My brother."   

Just prior to that point, I had a feeling deep inside.. that maybe, just maybe we would witness history tonight, and Ringo would appear. To my great delight, that is exactly what transpired to the much surprise and delight of the fans!  While Ringo sat down to play the drums set, right next to the very talented Abe, Paul's current drum player, Paul reminded the crowd, "If you love someone, don't wait to let them know, do it now, because later just might be to late!"  Ringo then asked, "Are you ready to rock?" He joined in playing, "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and "Helter Skelter"2019 07 13 2

The fans rose to their feet knowing they were witnessing an
 historical performance!
While Ringo was playing the first number, "Sergeant Pepper", Paul turned around and thanked Ringo "We'd like to thank you once again," as Paul turned his head towards Ringo, and said" "Thank you!" and Ringo smiled a big smile back at Paul, and that was not it, Ringo stayed on and played the next tune "Helter Skelter'.

After Ringo concluded the song he took center stage once again alongside his Beatle brother Paul, they hugged warmly, and Ringo told Paul, "No, thank you, Paul. It's been a thrill for me, and I've had a lovely night, and it's a great show, and I love you, man." Paul relied: "And I love you, man." as he added Ringo's famous words: "Peace and love, Ringo, forever." As a ending gag, Ringo threw his drumsticks into the crowd, and then caught Paul a bit off guard, and made is if he was going to toss Paul's beloved Hofner bass guitar into the crowd,... he did not, and Paul looked like he really treasured this most precious moment. All in good loving spirits as the crowed just ate it up. History...!2019 07 13 3

After Ringo left stage, there was another big surprise Paul sprang on us, another guest...Joe Walsh, of James Gang, and Eagle fame. Joe partook a triple guitar solo in the final tune, "The End", which is the last piece on "Abbey Road". McCartney admitted a bit later to the fans, "We didn't have a clue what we were doing."  The fifty thousand fans wanted more, however, the hour was already late, the encore was preformed, and the show was already about three hours long. The long and winding concert "Freshen Up" came to an incredible end. As a departing note Paul McCartney declared bidding "Farewell to you guys Farewell to America, and we'll see you next time." 
Thank you Paul, thank Ringo,thank you incredible band, and we eagerly await your next concert!  Unforgettable historical evening I will always remember. "Peace and Love to ALL!"