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by Eric Krasker
Krasker Book
Fact and Fiction 1960-1962
Author(s): Eric Krasker
Publisher: Seguier
ISBN: 978-2-8404-9523-9
Pages: 436
Language: English

This book is an excellent buy and an absolute must-read for any Beatles fan, but most particular for those fans interested in the band before their big breakthrough. The Beatles: Fact and Fiction – 1960-1962 is the revised and updated English translation of the same book released in the French language some years ago. The period 1960-1962 is a very interesting one in Beatles history, as it shows the future Fab Four in a period when they were still struggling in the Hamburg clubs while eagerly trying to get a recording deal.

Krasker BookThe Beatles: Fact and Fiction – 1960-1962 shines its light on several interesting and even legendary stories and occurrences. Krasker delves into the band’s time in Hamburg’s Reeperbahn district, but also into the controversial and mysterious ‘Raymond Jones’ legend (did he really exist?), the death of Stuart Sutcliffe (what actually happened?). But also, the sacking of Pete Best (will we ever find out the real reason?), the Star Club recordings (when exactly did the recordings take place?), the band’s collaboration with Tony Sheridan (including the recording of Swanee River) and the Polydor recordings (Bert Kaempfert).

This book is worthwhile not only because it discusses a period in the Beatles' career that has been less well documented than the period after 1962, but also because it offers an insight into how the Beatles grew out to be the most famous rock ‘n’ roll band in the history of popular music. The period 1960-1962 was the period in which the Beatles mastered their skills and learned the tricks of the trade. And this turned them into the worldwide musical phenomenon they have become.

The amount of footnotes and endnotes could put a potentially interested reader off, but you could decide simply to ignore them although they prove to be of great value when it comes to really diving into the material. But even if you decide not to be bothered reading them The Beatles: Fact and Fiction – 1960-1962 still is an interesting book.

Krasker has thoroughly succeeded in writing a book that is well-detailed, and he has obviously done a lot of research. He challenges statements made by others (Gottfridsson, Knoblauch) and throughout the entire book we find endnotes, photos, dates and copies of documents and contracts to substantiate these statements. The Beatles: Fact and Fiction – 1960-1962 is interesting especially because there are not many books in the English language about this period in the band’s history. So therefore, it is a welcome addition to the library of any Beatles fan. It presents an interesting insight into the difficulties a young, aspiring band comes across. The fact that this young and aspiring band would grow out to be world’s most legendary rock ‘n’ band ever only two years later, makes it even more interesting.

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