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by Judith Kristin
  A Date With A Beatle 
Author(s): Judith Kristin
Pages:  177
Language: English


When the tenacious 16-year-old Judy found out that her favourite band The Beatles were coming to the US she decided right then and there that she wanted to meet them.


Or more specifically meet her beloved George Harrison. Judy was hit by a severe case of Beatlemania and no one was going to stop her fulfilling her dream.

A Date With A Beatle is the true story about a young girl who set her mind on meeting her idol, Beatle George. Judy is not your everyday fan. She is determined, devoted and unstoppable. No matter what obstacles she encounters, she is not giving up on her dream. Will she succeed?

This is a story that is written with so much enthusiasm and wit. Some of the scenes are quite hilarious and the way in which Judith Kristin tells it will make you see it happening as if you were actually there. From page one will you find yourself transported back to the 1960s and the heyday of Beatlemania. But be warned, when you pick this book up, you won’t be able to put it down before you’ve finished it.

A Date With A Beatle is a definite must-read for every Beatles fan, young and old.

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