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by David Bedford
:  Liddypool
Author(s): David Bedford
Publisher: Dale Watson Fine Books
ISBN:  978-185443-237-7
Pages:  333
Language: English

Want to know everything about The Beatles’ Liverpool of the 1950s and early 1960s?
Then Liddypool – Birthplace of the Beatles is the book to buy. Author David Bedford is a Scouser who was born and raised in the Dingle, the same neighbourhood where Ringo grew up.

liddypoolLiddypool – Birthplace of the Beatles features a wealth of information about the schools and homes of the Beatles, but also the venues they played and the musicians they played with. David Bedford has done a tremendous job in writing a book that describes the band during their ‘pre-fab’ period several years before their big breakthrough. He also describes the city of Liverpool in its post-war years. A city of religion, ships and trade, industry, but also of culture, various nationalities and communities, but most of all: a city of music. Liddypool – Birthplace of the Beatles boasts lots of great photographs, facts and figures, walking tours, family trees and interviews with people like Pete Best, Bill Harry, Julia Baird, and some of the Quarrymen.

liddypool bannerLiddypool – Birthplace of the Beatles is a book that describes the evolution of the band from the Quarrymen, to Johnny and the Moondogs, the Beatals, the Silver Beetles, the Silver Beatles, and finally the Beatles. It portrays the history of the band with much knowledge and eye for detail. It also takes the readers on a sentimental journey to the beginning of the Casbah Coffee Club, the Cavern and the Mersey Sound, but it also describes the band’s homecoming as Liverpool’s favourite sons after triumphant tours of the US, Europe and Australia.

liddypool JohnIf you are interested in the early years of the Beatles but also in the history of the city the band comes from, then Liddypool – Birthplace of the Beatles is a book that you cannot do without. David Bedford has succeeded in coming up with a book that offers an interesting look at a city and a band that have both become legendary in their own rights.
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