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Box of VisionBox of Vision logoDeluxe Companion to the Re-mastered BEATLES CDs Includes First LP Size Book Of Complete Album Artwork And Storage For The Entire Beatles CD Catalogue

Following hot on the heels of the 09 September 2009 release of The Beatles’ digitally re-mastered catalogue, the highly anticipated THE BEATLES Box Of Vision® is finally available in the UK and Europe through

Officially licensed by The Beatles’ Apple Corps Ltd., the stunning collection, previously only available in North America, includes the following Beatles’ collectible content:

Box of Vision sleevesBook One - ‘The LP Sized Album Artwork Book’

The book includes 200 pages of The Beatles’ LP artwork, brilliantly restored in pristine new art prints. This marks the first time all the Beatles U.K. and U.S. album artwork has been collected together in a single LP sized book. From Please Please Me and Meet The Beatles through Love, the book includes front covers, back covers, gatefolds, inserts, and the complete LP booklets from Magical Mystery Tour, Let It Be…Naked and Love.



Box of Vision pagesBook Two - ‘The Catalography’

An extensive, all-new, full color discography guide jam-packed with photos, text and track-listings providing the first-ever side-by-side presentation of the U.K. albums and their U.S. counterparts.  A must for all Beatles completists!!


Box of Vision insideBook Three - ‘The Box of Vision Storage Book’

A highly collectible, unique and stylish way for Beatles fans to organize and display all 32 discs of The Beatles’ core catalog. Beatles fans will have the opportunity to insert CDs and booklets from their existing Beatles collections or the recently released digitally re-mastered versions.  The Box of Vision storage book was specifically designed to store and display the digi-pack boxes that house the newly re-mastered CDs.


Ideal for fans, collectors and Christmas gift giving, all three Beatles books are housed in an elegant black, linen-covered box with silver embossed Beatles logos and faux Beatles LP spines. The 13” x 13” box features the iconic image of The Beatles photographed by Robert Freeman for the original album cover for With The Beatles.

Once a fan inserts their CDs into the Box of Vision storage book, they’ll be able to store and display the entire body of work of The Beatles in one complete book.

Box of Vision setTHE BEATLES ‘Box of Vision’ was conceived by Jonathan Polk, a music industry veteran with more than 20 years experience. “It’s the ultimate fan piece,” says Polk, who served as Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer for Capitol Records during the time when they released The Beatles Love album, Let It Be…Naked, and The Beatles Capitol Albums Vol.1 and Vol.2. “The Beatles invented the rock album format and it was my goal to help ensure that fans can continue to discover and appreciate this single greatest catalog of music the way it was originally created.”

“I have always been frustrated with the available options for organizing and storing CDs,” continues Polk, who is also the inventor of the Box of Vision’s patented CD storage structure. “And, I hated the fact that the beautiful LP artwork I grew up with was reduced to almost postage stamp size on CDs. The Box of Vision gives fans the best of all worlds.”

The first printing of THE BEATLES ‘Box of Vision’ sold out in North America based entirely on pre-orders leading up to the 09 September release, temporarily delaying its worldwide availability. The second printing is now finally available for immediate shipment throughout the UK and Europe.

Early consumer feedback has been outstanding; to see what fans have had to say about THE BEATLES Box of Vision, visit

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What the press are saying about The Beatles Box of Vision –

“If you’re a Beatles fan – and this is a good time to be one – Box of Vision will keep your eyes full as you listen to the Beatles’ remastered CDs…. Strumming through Box of Vision was a real treat.  This is the actual art from the Beatles’ albums, the way the Beatles wanted us to see them – not reduced to baseball-card size and stuck behind hard plastic on a CD.”  -  HOUSTON CHRONICLE

“John Polk was thinking ‘inside’ the box when he envisioned The Beatles Box of Vision nearly 10 years ago.  His elaborate companion to the newly remastered Beatles CDs holds a 200-page linen-covered book of album artwork, a comprehensive discography and storage for 32 discs, providing a single lavish receptacle for storing and displaying the band’s entire body of work”  -   USA TODAY

“Can’t wait to open those new Beatles re-mastered single CDs or box sets that Amazon’s already sold out of? Try opening the extraordinary Beatles ‘Box of Vision’ box. But please, don’t call it a box. According to the much-needed instructional insert that pops out of the box that contains the Box of Vision box, the massive, monumental, 13 x 13-inch 13-pound coffee table slab is a patented “CD Storage Structure.” And once you unravel several layers of bubble wrap and unpeel the protective clear plastic wrapper, you understand why.”  -   MANHATTAN EXAMINER


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