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By: Opher Segal

LOVE_posterWe first saw the show ‘LOVE’ toward the end of the year 2006. We attended with no expectations, as we kept an open mind to this most unusual union between the Beatles music and the incredible Cirque du Soleil. 

The whole idea of the show was a concept thought of by the late great George Harrison and Guy Laliberte, the founder of Cirque du Soleil. In my opinion, the production takes place in the most unlikely location, the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Who would ever thought that the Beatles would have gone to the town Elvis was King! 

The final touch of success to this remarkable show, combined with the Beatles music alongside Cirque du Soleil, is the unique orchestration created by the one and only Sir George Martin and company. With such incredible collaborations, how can one go wrong? In addition, Paul and Ringo were at his side. What else could we need? 

The unique marriage of Cirque du Soleil and the Beatles remains the most unusual combination, yielding an incredible feast for the ears as well as the eyes. “LOVE” is a perfect name for this show, because the essence of the emotion is very complex. Love is the most inner part of our human makeup, constituting a multitude of fragments we all have and express to each other in our own unique way. This production will capture your heart because it conveys the inner working of the most precious human emotion.  

The facility at the Mirage Hotel is just the perfect venue for this magnificent show. Unfortunately, George Harrison did not live long enough to see the vision he created. However, he left the world a rare gift that will be around for all to see.  Thank God his dream became a reality! I do believe he would approve and enjoy his great creation. Thank you George and Guy Leliberte for having the vision.  

I also believe, the final production of “Love” exceeded all expectations. Musically speaking, Sir George Martin and company were at their very best. The musical track, as well as the show will withstand the tests of time. 

The Beatles music collage is a testament to the group as a whole, which was far greater then the individual. Although, they all forged ahead to produce their own unique music,   they would not have been able to reach the musical heights they did as individuals without climbing the highest ladder of the music world in unison. 

My wife and I took our children to witness this marvel, because it represents the triumph of the human spirit. As parents, we felt it was our obligation to share the wealth with the younger generation.  All our young adult kids could not believe their eyes or ears!  They went on to see it again and again, sharing it with family and friends they LOVE.  

 The founder, Guy Lalibete and his head of creation, Giles Ste-Croix, created a show that evokes such deep emotion you are brought to tears of happiness and a sense of completion in coming to terms with oneself.  

Thus far, we have personally seen the show on six different occasions, each time bringing a new experience.  The one thing that remained the same was the reaction of the audience throughout.  At the conclusion, people that did not know each other were hugging one another, embracing what they had just watched and heard, accompanied by huge smiles projecting love, the very essence of the show. 

The saying: “Timing is everything” depicts the exact notion of the production.  The universe was in need and ready to embrace.   It is truly a masterpiece!  If you have not seen it thus far, do so and share it with the ones you love. It is a great way to spread what the Beatles were all about….LOVE AND PEACE!  

It took over three years of incredible hard work and dedication to implement the Beatles music into this one show, a true labor of LOVE.  In a world of disconnect, the message you get from this marvel is truly refreshing. Due to the rapid growth of technology, it seems as if we have lost the most basic human element, personal connection.  Given the turmoil around the world, LOVE is exactly what we need more than ever.